2014-11-20_06-47-12-1Another sponsored Project and we decided in this mod that we would do a army style theme but something different then just the normal. The case that was chosen didn’t have a window to begin with so we had to cut this out of the side panel and build a totally new side panel out of 5mm thick Aluminum sheet which we was able to do an acid etching design into the metal. We used an air brusher for the paint work on the case and decided to go with a red, white and black style camouflage which tied in well with the red UV acrylic that the engraving is on. Running with the army theme we decided on a SAS character as the engraving as we have never attempted anything like this and we wanted the whole body instead of just the upper proportions which was quite tricky as the details would be really small but we were up for the challenge. See pics here

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