White Rose

White Rose 29The rose is one flower that has a rich history, compared to any other flower. For centuries, the rose has been used to symbolize the deep feelings of love and pure emotions. It conveys more than could be spoken through words. It has been a symbol of confidentiality, that gave rise to the Latin phrase sub rosa. This simply means something spoken in secret. The meanings of the white rose in myths and legends are aplenty. According to Greek mythology, all roses were originally white in color. It then magically developed in other colors, tones, and hues. When Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, was pricked by its thorn, her blooded dripped on the white petals, turning them red. When a beautiful maid kissed it lovingly, it blushed, and turned pink. Hence, these myths and legends point towards the loss of innocence. As a result, this white variety stands for innocence and purity. This flower also represents truth, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, charm, and youthfulness. A single white rose stands for simplicity, while one in full bloom says, “I love you”, or “You are heavenly”.  The White Rose..one of the oldest varieties of this flower has long inspired poets, artists and couples in love with its simple, elegant beauty. We wanted to create one using a white and black layered acrylic so once the top layer was engraved the black underneath came through which allowed the definition in the petals to pop right off the surface. See more pics here

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