New Wave Tattoo

We have always been a admirer of the art form of tattooing so it was a great pleasure for us to do an etching for one of the most famous tattooist in the industry Lal Hardy, he is one of the most revered and respected names in the London tattooing scene and worldwide so we really put in every effort to come up with an unique design that matched hes personality. We came up with a skull and crossbones design which sits on a scroll parchment that includes all the aspects that we thought the client would appreciate and would fit well in hes shop “New Wave Tattoo”. Added the shops name was a must and also the scroll filigree frame which really give the design an eye catching element but our highlight was the scroll parchment lifting up at all the edges and turning in on itself as this gives the etching a 3D effect, allowing the piece not to look flat on the acrylic. More Pics hereĀ 

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  1. mew January 16, 2013 at 2:14 pm # is well designed

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    Thanks so much for the blog post.Thanks Again.thank-ok-it

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