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2014-11-20_06-47-12-1Another sponsored Project and we decided in this mod that we would do a army style theme but something different then just the normal. The case that was chosen didn’t have a window to begin with so we had to cut this out of the side panel and build a totally new side panel out of 5mm thick Aluminum sheet which we was able to do an acid etching design into the metal. We used an air brusher for the paint work on the case and decided to go with a red, white and black style camouflage which tied in well with the red UV acrylic that the engraving is on. Running with the army theme we decided on a SAS character as the engraving as we have never attempted anything like this and we wanted the whole body instead of just the upper proportions which was quite tricky as the details would be really small but we were up for the challenge. See pics here


Batman has been the most featured superhero of our time from blockbuster movies, TV shows, Video games, Cartoons and in millions of comics worldwide so we had to add this poster boy comic legend to our collection. Not the typical Batman image you are likely to see as we wanted to focus mainly on Batman’s mask which really sets him apart from all superheros as its shaped like a bat but we wanted to create a depth within the details of the material so it didn’t look like a flat piece of material. The highlight for me while creating the etching was the eyes because they look so deep set within hes mask that gives him a menacing and fearsome appearance and the way hes cloak drapes down around hes neck, as we was able to create the folds in the material. See more pics here.

BF3.3 Battlefield 3 themed Mod

Another sponsored Project and we decided in this mod that we would do a really large etching piece this time round so I could really get some nice detailing in and cover a large area of the acrylic. The case that was chosen didn’t have a window to begin with so we had to cut this out of the side panel and build a frame type facer out of black acrylic so that the etching could be attached to, we went for a really vibrant green UV panel which allows the etching to pop out at you at all angles. We used a air brusher for the paint work on the case which matches the art work of the Battlefield game perfectly, we added a tank and blown up buildings into the background which really matched the theme we was going for. In the etching I was able to fit in so much detailing such as all the pockets and wiring running across the soldiers chest which was different as I had to be more precise with my shading, but the most enjoyable part for me has to be completing the gun as this was quite technical to make it look as though it’s not flat to the surface of the acrylic panel so i had to be really precise again with my shading. See pics here 


Project BMW Mpower Level 10

Another sponsored Project and our first car etching that we had done so far which was really great to get under our belts. This project had limited window panel space to work with so we went with the red UV acrylic panel again because the etchings really stand out using this colour and because the case that was used in the project was painted and air brushed white so the red complemented the theme nicely. We went for this angle of the BMW car so it would match the air brushed rear angle on the back panel of the case so they both matched each other and even though the image was quite small we was able to get a great amount of detailing in the alloy wheels and head lights, we even managed to fit the sponsors logos over different sections of the car body work just like you would see on a real racing car. See pics here

Mini impossible mod

Another sponsored project that we decided to call Mini Impossible simply because we managed to create a gaming PC in a unimaginably small case, so the etchings complemented the theme with a portrait of Tom Cruse from the film. As the case side panels had limited space we decided to allow the whole of one side to the portrait to get as much detail in as we could and etch the logos on the top and other side panel so that there was enough window space to see the insides of the gaming rig. This was one of the first projects that XtremeComputing had displayed at a technology and gaming convention. See pics here

Assassins creed

Assassins creed was our first commissioned work that was done on a case that already had a side panel of different size windows so we decided to do three smaller etchings in each section of each different character you play in the game. This created the overall theme the customer was looking for and allowed your eyes to follow from one etch to the other. This was the first time we had etched on red UV acrylic which really made the etchings stand out, even under not that much amount of lighting and the amount of detailing that was achieved was really noticeable, all the tiny hairs in the characters beard for example where clearly visible as well as the chain armour around his head. See pics here

Fusion AA

Fusion AA is another sponsored project that we at XtremeComputing completed for my Gaming PC. We had to cut and sand down most of the UV panels that where supplied which was a really hard job to complete as everything had to fit properly which included the CD drive opening, as well as all the fan holes and so on. We decided to use the biggest image we had ever etched before, simply because I could create so much more detail in the hands and face then we had ever created before. We discovered the bigger the image, the greater the detail the shading produced but this also made the etching take that much more longer to complete which we didn’t really mind as this was my favourite etching that I had completed so far. The Green UV acrylic really made all the difference with helping the etchings pop right out at you then we had ever seen before and all over the case in different places are the logos of all the sponsors evolved with the project, we didn’t want to clutter the main side panel as much as we had done in some of the later projects. We also included to the other side panel another completely different etching of a tarantula spider that really creeped us out when etching it, but this created a PC case that was so unique and eye catching. See pics here


This Samurai project was the first sponsored PC etched mod that I did with XtremeComputing. Having cut out my window in the PC side panel I was ready to tackle what has to be the hardest etch i’ve done to date so far, as I had to include eight logos into the theme. Creating logos onto the acrylic can be a tricky experience as the line work has to be perfect from the start, any wrong moves then it’s ruined and i would have had to start over and when I was creating eight on a single panel this only made my job that much more intense. In a few of the logos i was able to include my dot shading which really made them have a 3D effect under the UV lighting. See pics here

Counter Strike

I wanted to create something totally different with my next etching project and me and my partner where really into the online game Counter Strike at the time so this was the theme we came up with. But firstly we had to cut out a window in his PC side panel so the etched acrylic could be displayed in with UV lighting that really makes the etchings pop. This was done using a metal cutting tool and taking my time working my way along the lines that I had drawn on, this was not easy as i wanted my lines to be really straight. The etching included a lot more detailed work then i have ever done before such as water and a bigger image but this worked in my favour as i was able to create a great fantastic lines and dot shading that really made this etching stand out. See pics here

Abbey Chase

So I really went all out with my next Etch and discovered a new way of creating a different sort of shading using only Dots, this created a more detailed etch in the areas i wanted to..for example the face and hands which made all the difference to the overall effect i was aiming for. This Etch was also my first ever competition win which i was really pleased with as not only did i think the etch was good but also other people where recognising my work as well. At this stage i still was etching my logos in the same fashion i was used to as the areas i was working in where really small but i did think about creating the same dotting system in them as well to see how they would come out. See more pics here